Gary Bobker

Gary Bobker joined The Bay Institute in 1992. Since then, he has helped negotiate a number of landmark environmental agreements, from the Bay-Delta Accord to the San Joaquin River restoration settlement. Gary currently directs The Bay Institute's Rivers and Delta Program, which works to enforce and strengthen baseline environmental protections for the estuary, provide guidance and oversight to long-term restoration plans and projects, and reform Central Valley water use and agricultural drainage management. He supervises The Bay Institute’s Ecological Scorecard Project and is a leader in the environmental community’s efforts to secure new state and federal water quality standards for the estuary and to shape the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan and the Delta Stewardship Council's Delta Plan. Previously, he served as West Coast staff director for the National Toxics Campaign, as Northern California staff director for the California Natural Resources Federation, and as pollution prevention research analyst for the Citizen Action Coalition. Mr. Bobker also served for many years as chair of the CALFED Program Ecosystem Roundtable, as Program Coordinator for the Environmental Water Caucus, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Estuary Institute.

Jon Rosenfield

Jon Rosenfield began collaborating with The Bay Institute in the early 1990s when he worked as a Research Associate for the (then) Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund (now Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund) on litigation to protect the San Francisco Estuary's delta smelt and Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon. Currently, Jon represents The Bay Institute in various planning efforts to protect and restore the San Francisco Estuary and its watershed, including its numerous endangered species. He has degrees from Cornell University, the University of Michigan, and the University of New Mexico where he studied evolutionary ecology and its implications for conservation of rare fish species. Jon has served as the Director of Scientific Peer-review for the CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program, California Coordinator for the Save our Wild Salmon coalition, and as Board President and Treasurer for the SalmonAID Foundation.

Peter Vorster

Peter Vorster has over 36 years of experience as a hydrogeographer, much of it focused on California's water resources and the landmark environmental water conflicts in the Eastern Sierra (Mono Lake and the Owens Valley) and the San Francisco Bay-Delta watershed. He was a principal researcher on the California Water Atlas and a key player in the successful effort to restore Mono Lake and its streams. At The Bay Institute Peter heads up the San Joaquin River Restoration Initiative and is a principal for the Ecological Scorecard project. He also works with the Oakland Museum on their urban creek and watershed map series.

Peter’s expertise and interests include water management, water balance and system operations modeling, environmental restoration, climatology, historical geography of California, mountain environments, geomorphology, and museum education. Peter is also an independent consultant for environmental groups working on stream restoration and environmental flow management, primarily in the Eastern Sierra.

Marc Holmes

Marc Holmes is a wetland regulation and restoration policy expert with 25 years of experience. He served as a United States delegate to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance and represented the U. S. Information Agency as part of a program to discuss wetland protection in Brazil. From 2003 until 2009, he was the California State Senate appointee to the CalFed Bay-Delta Authority, the agency charged with restoring the ecological vitality of the estuary ecosystem. Marc has been with The Bay Institute for thirteen years.